lunedì 30 giugno 2014

Mark Horst


SHORT FILM :: La Boca del Leòn

Short Film recorded with Mobile phone 

A strong depression devoted itself to Mr. Montalvo to live haunted by the world of the dead. But this macabre game has gone too far. Just one last call for help could be his salvation.

Javier Abdala :: Sculptures

domenica 29 giugno 2014

SHORT FILM :: Early Birds

Written and directed by Jeroen Bogaert

Mila, a 12-year-old rebellious girl has a secret crush on her 40 year old neighbour and coach, Sam. When Mila finds out that he’s moving away to Italy for at least a year, she conceives the plan to go with him.

Lily Padula

Flight Brigade ♫ Sirens

VIDEO: Simon Roberts 

Héctor Mediavilla