venerdì 9 ottobre 2015

Mayakovskiy (International festival "Circle of light 2015")

Light show “Mayakovsky”
Production: “Sila Sveta” 
Yuri Kolokolnikov as Mayakovsky and Dmitriy Morozov ::vtol:: as a sound artist.
The screenplay is divided into 3 parts.
1. Old World - Revolution. In this part the viewer sees an era of Tsarist Russia shortly before its fall. The façade of the palace is projected, which deteriorates in seconds. It swells down like paraffin candles. At some point a huge figure of Mayakovsky shatters the palace.
2. New World - Structure. Built from a scratch. Words and objects in the style of suprematism are used as blocks for construction. A new world is being built based on poems by Vladimir Mayakovsky. The content shifts from smooth lines to more acute forms. Tatlin's Tower reveals from the depths of the Earth. It perfectly falls under the architecture of the building.
3. World, where he won’t be Heavy units of the Soviet Empire style start to cover this reality. Mayakovsky continues to build his world, but lacking the inspiration. In the end the viewer sees the same 1. Pavilion, which completely covers the "new world" of Mayakovsky. Only huge legs/feet are seen through. Mayakovsky is so big that he couldn’t fit into the new reality. He eventually freezes like the monument on the Mayakovsky square.
Vladimir Mayakosvky is the biggest poet of the 20th century, and one with a very complex fate. Chained within a statue on a square named after him, he still looks harshly upon everyone. A rebel in a yellow vest: the first rock star of the USSR, a poet, an artist, a director and a wild romantic. With his art he participated in the creation of a utopia that ultimately swallowed him at the end. We're in the right era to remember this great poet.
Yury Kolokolnikov is a Russian theatre and cinema actor. In the 2014 he has acted a part of Styr at the forth season of the famous American TV series “Game of Thrones”.