lunedì 29 giugno 2015

Klangstof ♫ We Are Your Receiver

Nowadays people seem to go further in showcasing themselves on so many platforms like the internet and reality series on the television. The freedom of online anonymity and the digital companionship inviting people to go beyond their own boundaries. It became a play-field of doing weird things, a derailed society in which moral standards are becoming blurry and being pushed.
This was the main thought from where I started and which I exaggerated. I wanted to show a group of mentally disoriented characters, victims of personal obsessions trapped in their own reality. They’re part of an online entertainment experience that’s serving the mass with their peculiar stories. I tried to evoke that feeling that you shouldn't be watching but can't stop looking and you feel some tragic discommode coming up. Create a certain indistinctness with the characters in the video, are they aware of their role and consciously playing with you?
DIRECTOR Menno Fokma