martedì 30 giugno 2015

Marcos Novak

Marcos Novak is visiting Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at UCLA. He is a transarchitect: an architect, artist, composer and theorist who employs algorithmic techniques to design actual, virtual and hybrid intelligent environments. Seeking to expand the definition of architecture to include electronic space, he originated the concept of "liquid architectures in cyberspace" and the study of a dematerialize architecture for the new, virtual public domain.

SHORT FILM :: Donald and Jess

A lonely plumber fights for a customer he's fallen for.
Starring Stephanie Allynne, Adam Lustick, George Basil, and Josh Ruben.
Directed and written by Paul Briganti.

lunedì 29 giugno 2015

Benjamin Lozninger :: Cloud Project

Benjamin Lozninger

Klangstof ♫ We Are Your Receiver

Nowadays people seem to go further in showcasing themselves on so many platforms like the internet and reality series on the television. The freedom of online anonymity and the digital companionship inviting people to go beyond their own boundaries. It became a play-field of doing weird things, a derailed society in which moral standards are becoming blurry and being pushed.
This was the main thought from where I started and which I exaggerated. I wanted to show a group of mentally disoriented characters, victims of personal obsessions trapped in their own reality. They’re part of an online entertainment experience that’s serving the mass with their peculiar stories. I tried to evoke that feeling that you shouldn't be watching but can't stop looking and you feel some tragic discommode coming up. Create a certain indistinctness with the characters in the video, are they aware of their role and consciously playing with you?
DIRECTOR Menno Fokma

domenica 28 giugno 2015

Rodel Tapaya

At the heart of Rodel Tapaya’s work is his ongoing amalgamation of folk narrative and contemporary reality within the framework of memory and history. Utilizing a range of media — from large acrylic on canvasses to an exploration of under-glass painting, traditional crafts, diorama, and drawing — Tapaya filters his observations of the world through folktales and pre-colonial historical research,  creating whimsical montages of his characters. 

Rodel Tapaya

SHORT FILM :: Actor Seeks Role

This short film, directed by Michael Tyburski and written by Ben Nabors, features Alex Karpovsky playing an aspiring method actor who — without much luck in traditional gigs — has resorted to acting out the symptoms for a variety of illnesses for the benefit of medical students.

sabato 27 giugno 2015

Bruce Riley

Chicago-based artist Bruce Riley fills canvases with abstract organic forms made from layer after layer of dripped paint and poured resin.

TheAristocrats ♫ Stupid 7

venerdì 26 giugno 2015

Joseph Walsh

Joseph walsh creates innovative, sculptural furniture works. His approach to design and process is influenced by the patterns of growth and evolution found in nature.