venerdì 27 marzo 2015

SHORT FILM :: Windscreenwiperman

Directed by Sam Baron.

Simon, played by Raphael von Blumenthal (a regular Baron collaborator), is an average guy with a girlfriend called Annie and a normal, slightly dull job. Social media plays a big part in his day: he uses it to Skype his girlfriend, message his friends and catch up on everything from hedgehogs to murderers. Of an evening he goes on a website called Chat Roulette where random strangers can meet online and chat to each other (with the option to skip of course). It’s through this website that he meets Tom, a 14-year-old, from Abbotsbury. I already know what you’re thinking. Something like: ‘where is this going?’ coupled with ‘that’s a bit weird’ would be my best guess. The thing is, that is exactly what Sam Baron wants you to think.
Windscreenwiperman takes something we do every day and asks some pretty tricky questions. Is it a good thing to connect with others in cyberspace? Is it only good sometimes? Should we be protecting vulnerable people online? This intelligent and thoughtful piece has at its heart a relentless moral interrogation, which makes it an incredibly engaging short with real punch.
As the story unfolds, Simon’s anonymous quest for an interesting conversation soon becomes more serious as his paternal instincts begin to conflict with external perceptions and a general sense of unease. In a striking scene, girlfriend Annie becomes uncomfortable about the friendship emerging and Simon questions: “What’s wrong with meeting people?” To which she replies: “Nothing, just do it at a bus stop!”