sabato 25 ottobre 2014

SHORT FILM :: Make your Maker

Written and directed by Lucy McRae, MAKE YOUR MAKER responds to the idea that ‘Food and the body are inseparable’  Taking on the domain of genetic manipulation and human cloning. she delivers a world where clones are edible; their sensory effects absorbed through the body.
We see a lone woman fastidiously prepare and distill human body parts, using her own body as a test bed, fusing gender and blending ego like a chef constitutes food. Her laboratory references the wet and somewhat grotty kitchens found in dimsum markets; the basement housing her inventions. We see her curiousity in process, operating an assembly line of kitchen appliances big enough to steam a body. Duplicates are cut precisely with facial cutters, dissected according to her mathematical matrix, sealed and then packaged for consumption.
In the future we will absorb technology from the inside out and enhance our senses by eating ourselves.