mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

Marc Erwin Babej :: Mask of Perfection

Mask of Perfection focuses on the complex and ambivalent relationship between the beauty we perceive subjectively on the one hand, and the plastic surgeon’s scientific, geometry-based standard of beauty on the other.Dr. LoTempio was given the assignment to do what it takes to “upgrade” these “patients” according to the standards of her profession. All patients were initially evaluated via a set of five clinical images (frontal, 3/4 and full profiles on both side) and then examined in person. Finally, they were marked with pre-operative markings – the Mask of Perfection. The images in this series were taken in this state.

Shy FX ♫ Soon Come (feat. Liam Bailey)

Eve Arnold :: Silvana Mangano in New York

 At the Museum of Modern Art (1956)

Silvana Mangano, Johnny Mathis, and Dave Brubeck. 1956

SHORT FILM :: Lady with Long Hair

martedì 30 luglio 2013

Eric Ravelo :: Los Intocables (Untouchable)

un niño violado por un cura
un niño con cancer por la radioactividad
un niño obeso por comida chatarra
una niña hija de un loco de las armas
un niño que le venderan los organos
una niña en la guerra siria
una niña explotada sexualmente por un pedofilo

The right to childhood should be untouchable.

Creative Director and Concept: Erik Ravelo (Cuba)
Director and Editing: Daniel Ferreira (Brazil)
Camera: Lea Dicursi (Italy)
Soundtrack: Jhon William Castaño Montoya (Colombia) and Francesco Novara (Italy)
Production: Enrico Bossan (Italy)
Production Assistants: Renée Melo (Brazil), Vanessa Munari (Italy) and Marco Pavan (Italy)
Identity: Samantha Ziino (Australia)
Produced by Fabrica 2012

Erik Ravelo ~ Christ of Havana

Phil Cook ♫ The Jensens

Rinko Kawauchi :: Illuminance and Ametsuchi