giovedì 30 agosto 2018

Augusto De Luca :: Italy

Born in Naples in 1955, Augusto De Luca graduated in law, became a professional photographer in the mid 70’ies working along the boundary line between tradition and experimental photography, making use of many materials and genres, in order to create metaphisical atmospheres.

                                                          Augusto De Luca

mercoledì 29 agosto 2018

KWK Promes :: By The Way House

Located in the heart of the green Polish countryside next to a winding river, the By The Way house designed by KWK Promes is formed of a long concrete pathway that wraps up the house, views and landscape together. The architects, eager to expand the clients’ horizons, became inspired by the shape of the winding road that slunk through the landscape from the road to the plot of the house, avoiding cutting down any trees along its way and following the gradually sloping topography of the natural site.