mercoledì 11 luglio 2018

Studio MK27 :: Planar House

A minimalist residence with an imposing concrete roof covered in grass by Studio MK27. Located in Porto Feliz, Brazil the architects describe the house as "a radical exercise in horizontality"– an aspect often explored by the architectural studio in their projects. The green roof mimics the surrounding lawn supported directly by pillars that are distributed modularly by three axes. Under the roof are two programmed spaces: one contains the service areas such as a gym, a tv area and playrooms and the other contains the five en-suite bedrooms. The living rooms are "located at the extremities and can be completely opened or closed by sliding glass doors, transforming the entire house into a terrace." A brick wall surrounds the building that softens the rigidity of its rectangular form and "defines the different relationships between the internal and external spaces."

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