domenica 2 novembre 2014

Miguel CHEVALIER :: Magic Carpets 2014

Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation
Music : Jacopo Baboni SchilingiSoftware: Cyrille Henry / Antoine Villeret
With the support of Voxels Productions
Magic Carpets 2014 spreads out across the floor of the octagonal courtyard of Castel del Monte, dating from the thirteenth century. Magic Carpets revisits, via digital art, the tradition of the mosaic which has a strong presence in Italy and which prefigures the pixel.
Black-and-white megapixel/mosaics tableaux gradually give way to vivid, color-saturated spirals that whirl about and execute genuine choreographic movements to the music of Jacopo Baboni Schilingi. When the viewer moves, the trajectory of the curves is disrupted under their feet.
This world of colors and shapes in movement takes us, as in a giant kaleidoscope, on an imaginary, poetic voyage. Miguel Chevalier’s new creative work plunges us into the magical universe of Middle Ages celebrations and the One Thousand and One Nights.